London's Lambeth Council collaborated with the final year graphics students of Camberwell College of Art in the autumn of 2015, looking for new innovative ways to improve communication between the council and its communities. Our role was to help communicate to the council a better understanding of the challenges or potential of specific areas, in particular how people look after their streets and estates. 

Together with a fellow graphic designer Tom Stone, we designed the Share Your Vision chalk boards. They were located around the parks in Vauxhall and station for a 12 hour period during which the public could openly express their wishes and concerns about the surrounding areas on an unmediated platform. The goal was to make the locals feel more included in the planning of their borough. 



Although some of the public's responses were slightly inappropriate (especially near the pub on a Saturday night, what did you expect...) there were many helpful and genuine wishes and visions for the Vauxhall area. We typed those up and noticed the most popular themes being social spaces and housing. (And chicken, but that's another story.) What if instead of a list these main themes could start and develop into a conversation on a vision board?  


A final board was designed highlighting the popular topics brought up on the previous boards. The new format encourages the responses to interact in a conversation-like manner, therefore appearing increasingly inclusive. 

Share Your Vision was about finding an alternative, playful hands-on method of gaining responses and giving the opportunity for instantaneous interaction. 

This initiative was pitched to Lambeth Council as a communication tool between them and the community. Share Your Vision was successful and featured in an exhibition organised by the council at Hotel Elephant in the winter of 2016. For the exhibition we designed a book that includes all of the research, testing, experimentation, and process of Share Your Vision.

shareyourvision3 copy.jpg

The book features locals' comments and interviews about their community.